Our Customer Commitment

What matters to you matters to us

The Customer Commitment is our promise to deliver the six qualities of service that our customers and employees identified as the most important. It shows what we strive to achieve, and we’ll invest in projects and initiatives that positively impact our customer experience in these areas. Our customers rate our performance in regular surveys.

Our promise

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We’ll plan, design and operate a safe transit system. Statistics show us that safety incidents involving Calgary Transit are rare. However we know that it’s critical to help our customers feel secure and safe while using the system. In our safety, security and cleanliness survey, customers rate how safe they feel while using our services.

Our rating for safety on our system is



We’ll provide a dependable transit service by minimizing delays and being on time. Customers depend on Calgary Transit to get them to their destinations on time. We do our best to minimize delays; however some circumstances are beyond our control, such as inclement weather, traffic and road conditions, police emergencies and medical emergencies. Our reliability results are based on real-time transit system information. 

Our rating for reliability of service is



We’ll provide a service that is friendly and helpful. When a customer doesn’t have that service experience, their trust and respect for us erodes. Our customer satisfaction survey captures general perceptions of helpfulness as well as perceptions of transit staff during a recent trip. 

Our rating for helpfulness is



We’ll provide customers accurate, consistent and timely information. This helps our customers make decisions. They want to know about possible disruptions that impact their commute – but also about future plans, fare changes and service changes. Our customer satisfaction survey captures general perceptions of the information we provide as well as perceptions of information quality. 

Our rating for quality of information is


Easy to Use

We’ll make it easy to get around Calgary. Success requires a combination of factors such as frequent buses and CTrains, reasonable travel times, direct trips, convenient ways to purchase fares, and a lack of crowding. Changes of this scale can be costly and/or take a long time to implement, but we’ll continue to pursue opportunities to improve. Our customer satisfaction survey captures general perceptions of ease-of-use, as well as trip-based perceptions of accessibility, park and ride, transfers, length of a trip and information sources.

Our rating for ease of use is



We’ll keep our vehicles, stops and stations clean. Cleanliness is important to customers and instills confidence in our transit system. Adequate cleanliness also affects perceptions of safety. Our safety, security and cleanliness survey captures general perceptions of cleanliness as well as customer experiences with cleanliness at bus stops, stations and in vehicles during their most recent trip. 

Our rating for cleanliness is