How to Ride

Taking public transit can be easy and enjoyable once you know how it works. 

Helpful rider information

Accessing the system can be as easy as walking a few blocks, cycling to the nearest CTrain station or utilizing our Park and Ride lots. However you choose to access transit, we have you covered.

Plan a Trip

Our trip planner is a useful tool that will help you plan your trip on our system. Simply enter your location and where you want to go and let the program tell you how to get there. You can also call customer service at 403-262-1000 for help planning your trip, or download our Calgary Transit app to plan your trip on-the-go!

Find a schedule

Find out what time your bus will arrive and how frequently it runs. This will help you plan your transfer and lets you know when your connecting bus or CTrain will be coming. Download our Calgary Transit app to track real-time schedules on-the-go, or you can call our Teleride service at 403-974-4000 or text the four digit bus number (space) bus number to 74000*.
*Standard message and data rates may apply

Look for closures/detours

Find any major closures, construction, detours or planned service disruptions that can impact your travel time. Knowing this information can help you select the best route to take.

Find a map

Our overall system map outlines all the different routes in the city, where they start, travel and connect you to. If you would like a more specific map, route maps are available to show you where the individual routes lead to.


We have a variety of payment options to make your trip as convenient as possible. Remember if you need to take a combination of bus routes or the CTrain and are paying by cash or paper tickets, ask your bus driver for a transfer or hold on to your validated ticket from the CTrain. Your transfer is valid for 90 minutes.


Unplanned disruptions 

Just like your personal vehicle, our buses and CTrains can be impacted by traffic, detours, accidents, emergencies and more. We update our website, Twitter feedCalgary Transit App and CTrain platform signs to alert you of any unforeseen circumstances that may arise. 

Learn more about our rider tools to help you stay informed along the way.