Low Income Monthly Transit Pass

Our low income monthly pass uses a sliding scale system that assigns a purchase price based on income. The less an applicant earns, the less they will need to pay. There are three rate bands:


Band A

$5.80 per month

Band B

$40.25 per month

Band C

$57.50 per month

Click here for information about the Low Income Senior Yearly pass.

Eligibility and application

  • Meet Calgary residency and one of the Fair Entry's eight ways to qualify for this and several other subsidized programs and services. Find out if you qualify, visit Fair Entry. Download the Fair Entry application form

Where to buy a pass when approved?

If you have already been accepted in the Fair Entry program, find out where you can buy your pass.

Conditions of Use 

  • The Low-Income Monthly Pass is for the sole use of the registered applicants and is not transferable. It is valid on all Calgary Transit services.
  • The pass user, or their approved pick-up designate, must present valid photo id at the time of purchasing low-income transit products.
  • The pass user must be registered with Calgary Transit and the back of the pass must include the registered user’s name and registration number to be valid.
  • The pass user must have in their possession and be prepared to present valid photo identification upon request while using Calgary Transit.
  • The entire pass must be shown to the operator when boarding the bus and must remain in the possession for the user at all times while on the system.
  • Misuse of the Low Income Transit Pass may result in suspension of eligibility and the user may be subject to a fine under the Transit Bylaw 4M81.
  • Please note, we don’t issue replacement passes for lost or stolen passes.