CTrain passing by

We’re moving to a fleet of low- or zero-emission buses to support The City’s corporate-emission reduction goals in the Calgary Climate Strategy - Pathways to 2050 using a diversified fleet strategy. 

Diversified fleet strategy

This strategy delivers cost efficiency while maximizing environmental benefits. It involves careful fuel technology assessment. We’ll only purchase alternative fuel buses once we’ve seen proven performance in our climate. We’ll use alternative fuel buses in a way that optimizes our operations, such as electric buses on shorter routes and potentially hydrogen (and other fuel-type) buses on longer ones. 

Key fleet transition projects and initiatives

  • 40-foot electric buses. We’re planning to deploy several 40-foot battery electric buses to kick-start our transition journey.
  • Hydrogen bus pilot. We’re participating in a hydrogen bus pilot to gather crucial data on bus performance and feasibility. The pilot, in collaboration with the City of Edmonton and Strathcona County, is expected to kick off in early 2025.  
  • Hydrogen bus strategy. We’ve received fund approval from the provincial and federal governments for hydrogen bus strategy development and fleet integration studies, including the Hydrogen Fueling and Pilot Fleet Feasibility Study.  
  • Renewable diesel. We’re taking part in The City’s renewable diesel pilot to see if we can use this fuel to lower emissions from our current diesel bus fleet.
  • Alternative fuel exploration. We’re gathering information to see if renewable natural gas can be used to replace compressed natural gas in the future.