Calgary Transit Ambassadors Program

Calgary Transit Ambassadors

About the program

Have questions about routes, schedules or any general inquiry? Calgary Transit Ambassadors are here to help!

The Calgary Transit Ambassador Program is a pioneering initiative designed to enhance the overall experience for our customers on CTrains and platforms. 

Who we are

We are a group of dedicated Calgary Transit employees who are not just here to get you from A to B. We genuinely care about your journey and making your commute a positive and engaging part of your day. 

Our mission

Our mission as Calgary Transit Ambassadors is to enhance your journey through exceptional service and genuine connections. 

What we do

Calgary Transit Ambassadors are here to assist you with route information, wayfinding support, and customer service. We aim to build a friendly rapport with passengers, making the transit experience positive and enjoyable. During service disruptions, we provide real-time information, alternative routes and shuttle stop locations to minimize confusion. 

We also maintain a visible presence to promote a sense of security and report safety concerns to Peace Officers. 

What we don’t do

Calgary Transit Ambassadors are not Peace Officers. We don’t enforce rules or fares, and we won’t engage in security concerns beyond reporting to Peace Officers. 



Transit Ambassador vests

Calgary Transit Ambassadors are identifiable by our red vests showcasing artwork by local designer and contest winner Blake Cochlan. Blake's design, featuring a CTrain track winding around iconic landmarks from Calgary's downtown skyline, symbolizes the connectivity and community that Transit fosters throughout the city.

Our red vests distinguish us from law enforcement and make it easier for you to spot a friendly face whenever you have questions or just want to chat.


Calgary Transit Ambassadors vest design