Man with bike at Sunalta Station

UPDATE: After a successful pilot, bikes are allowed on CTrains at all times. 

Here’s a quick reminder of the rules for bringing your bike on a CTrain:

  • Only one bike is allowed on the train per person.
  • Bikes are only allowed on the train if there is room for them. Please only board cars that can comfortably accommodate you and your bike (two bikes per section of a car).
  • Cyclists must yield space to seniors and customers with disabilities, mobility equipment or strollers. 
  • You must dismount and walk your bike on the CTrain platform and onto the CTrain. 
  • Bikes can’t block access to the CTrain doors at any time.
  • Cyclists should wait until non-cyclists have boarded before entering a car. 
  • Cyclists must exit a CTrain if instructed to do so by a Calgary Transit official or peace officer. 
  • Cyclists must be in control of your bicycle at all times, and aware of any bike parts that may obstruct or injure other riders (e.g. bike pedals, kick stands). Your bicycle can’t lean against a seat, wall, pole, door, or other equipment on the train.
  • Cyclists must stand with your bike.
  • Cyclists are not permitted onto the train through the front door of the first car of the train and shall not obstruct the vehicle Operator’s access door.
  • Cyclists should only enter or leave using the doors marked for bikes, and should remain in the open areas of the CTrain car. Look for this symbol on the CTrain door: