MAX Yellow is Calgary’s newest rapid transit line serving Mount Royal University, Rockyview Hospital, Southland Leisure Centre and other southwest destinations. With the expansion of MAX, improvements are also coming to existing bus routes. 

MAX features graphic
MAX Comfort MAX Convenience MAX Connections
Heated shelters, larger platforms, real-time displays, improved lighting and CCTV security cameras provide commuters with a new level of comfort, accessibility and safety. With signal-light priority and queue jumps to bypass traffic, plus fewer stops, MAX gets you to your destination before you know it. With fewer transfers and better connections to major destinations, the CTrain and other bus routes, MAX makes it easier to get where you need to go.

Four lines, four colours

Whether it’s across town or downtown, MAX Yellow, Orange, Purple and Teal can take you to where you want to go. Just like the CTrain, each MAX line is colour-coded for easy identification.

MAX colors


How is MAX different than regular bus service?

MAX offers a number of benefits including: more frequent service, fewer stops, dedicated bus lanes, signal priority, heated shelters, real-time information displays, plus more direct connections. It all adds up to more convenience, more comfort and more connections.

How can I tell the difference between MAX and a local bus?

The bus destination sign will display MAX, the name of the route and the destinations; for example, MAX Purple to East Hills.

How much does it cost to take MAX?

MAX fares are the same as taking a bus or CTrain today.

Do other cities have rapid bus services like MAX?

Yes, cities around the world have adopted bus services similar to MAX, and use them as an integral part of their overall transit and transportation plans.

How is MAX more comfortable?

With heated shelters, larger platforms, real-time displays and improved security features, MAX gets you there more comfortably.

Heated shelters: keep you warm on those frosty winter mornings.

Larger platforms: provide a more spacious waiting area.

Signs: look for the easy to identify MAX signs at platforms.

Lighting: improved lighting at MAX stations.

CCTV: Closed Circuit TV cameras keep a watchful eye at MAX Purple stations.

Clean: MAX stations are part of a continuous cleaning and maintenance program.

How is MAX more convenient?

With signal-light priority and queue jumps to bypass traffic, plus fewer stops, MAX gets you to your destination before you know it.

Service: MAX operates seven days a week with buses running every 12–18 minutes during peak hours (6:30–9 a.m. & 3–6 p.m.), and every 20–30 minutes during off-peak hours.

Limited stops: MAX has fewer stops than regular bus service so you get to your destination faster.

Signal priority: modified traffic signals along the route provide an extended green signal when MAX is approaching.

Queue jumps: at many signalized intersections, MAX enters its own lane and receives an advanced green light to bypass traffic.

Real-time information displays: get up-to-the-minute information on when MAX will arrive at the station.

How is MAX more connected?

MAX Orange – Brentwood to Saddletowne
MAX Orange serves major destinations such as Foothills Medical Centre, University of Calgary, SAIT, Peter Lougheed Centre and the Genesis Centre. MAX Orange also connects Brentwood and Saddletowne CTrain stations, so you won’t have to go downtown or transfer to cross the north side of the city.

MAX Teal – Douglas Glen to Westbrook
MAX Teal can take you to Mount Royal University, Rockyview General Hospital and the Douglas Glen Park 'n' Ride. MAX Teal will also connect Heritage and Westbrook CTrain stations, and the future Green line CTrain station at Douglas Glen.

MAX Purple – Downtown to East Hills
MAX Purple serves key destinations such as East Hills, Forest Lawn,International Avenue, Inglewood and Downtown.

MAX Yellow – Downtown to Woodbine
MAX Yellow serves southwest destinations including Mount Royal University, Rockyview Hospital, Heritage Park, Glenmore Landing and Southland Leisure Centre.