Bus Hailing Kits have cards that display large numbers embossed in Braille. They can be used to help visually impaired bus riders hail a bus.

The kits have a plastic sleeve that the numbered cards slide into. By holding the kit at shoulder height, users can easily communicate their desired bus route to both drivers and other customers.

The kits also include a color coded strip that informs bus drivers if the passenger requires the bus to be lowered, or the ramp to be extended.

Here's how to use the kit:

Arrange the cards in the bus hailing kit to show the route you want to take.

  • Pick the colour strip to indicate what your boarding needs are:
    • Yellow - requires the bus to be lowered for entry
    • Orange - requires ramp access to the bus
    • White - no special needs required
  • Hold the kit at shoulder height so that the bus operator can clearly see the route number and if you need assistance boarding.

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