Here’s some tips to help make your trip safe, enjoyable and on schedule.

  • The best time to call and book a trip is after 11am. This is when the phone lines are less busy.
  • Be ready at the start of the pickup window that you were given. This will help us keep on schedule and not delay other pickups that are scheduled after yours.
  • Ensure the residence and destination is accessible. Arrange to have your sidewalk/driveway cleared of snow and ice so that we can get you to the vehicle safely.
  • Keep your personal information up-to-date. We can easily be reached at 403-537-7777, option 5.
  • Cancel trips as soon as possible and no later than two hours in advance.
  • Ensure you bring snacks, your medication and extra oxygen if you require it, in case of a delay.
  • Carry on limit is two shopping bags – or what can fit on your lap.
  • If you travel using mobility devices, please make sure they are documented in your customer profile and that changes are updated with us.