Eligibility Appeals

If you do not agree with the eligibility decision made about your ability to use Calgary Transit fixed route services, you can appeal as long as it is within 60 days of receiving your eligibility decision. There are two stages of appeal detailed below.


First Stage of Appeal:

  • Please indicate in writing why you disagree with the decision made.You can mail this letter to:
    Box 2100 Station M #170 WB
    Calgary Alberta T2P 2M5
  • If you feel there is new or additional information regarding your inability to use Calgary Transit not provided during the interview, please submit this information.
  • Your letter appealing the eligibility decision must be received by Calgary Transit Access (CTA) within 60 days of the date on the decision letter we sent you.
  • The Coordinator of Eligibility will review your appeal letter and determine if it alters your eligibility for CTA services. You will then be notified of the decision, in writing.
  • If you are still not in agreement, you can progress to the second and final stage of appeal, detailed below.


Second Stage of Appeal:

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your first appeal, you can proceed to the Second Stage of Appeal and present your case in front of the Calgary Transit Access Eligibility Services Appeal Board. The Appeal Board meets monthly, is comprised of volunteer members appointed by City Council and is independent of Calgary Transit Access.

For your Appeal to be heard, please submit the Second Stage Appeal Form to Calgary Transit Access. (This form will be sent to you along with your Stage One decision letter).

Your First Stage decision letter will indicate the date by which we need to receive the completed form.

You have the option to appear at this meeting, or just have your appeal heard based on information you have provided.

The decision made by the Appeal Board is final and binding.

Please contact Calgary Transit Access Eligibility if you have any questions at 403-537-7777 then press 5.